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Blog Upgrade 3.0! - New Star Wars Theme for my Blog + 1-3 Posts a Day

To celebrate the new Star Wars movie, the Force Awakens which is coming out at the end of the year, I have made some some major changes to how my blog looks. My logo looks like it is from Star Wars, I have a spacey background, and my cursor is galaxy-blue. I got my new logo from

I  love Star Wars, and I am so hyped for the new movie! To make you also hyped, I have done blog upgrade 3.0.0! I will have 2-3 posts a day, so we can get that view chart soaring in no time. I will make a lot of Star Wars related posts, but for anyone who does not like Star Wars, I will also try to make other types of posts too. I really hope to reach 10,000 views in the upcoming year or so, considering that it only took a year to reach 5,000, so it might be even quicker because of my more frequent posts!

[I have changed my favicon to a stormtrooper helmet !!]

This is Arca form the future. I have now changed it to BB-8!
Also, I have a new user icon :)
What can you expect from 3.0? Awesome blog layout, high quality posts, 1-3 posts a day, and of course, all the things you love. This is Arca and may the Force be with you... 


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