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Happy Thanksgiving from TTHT! (2015) + Macy's Thanksgiving day Parade Photos 2015

                                      I would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! As I am writing this post, I am watching the 2015 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade! Above is today's Google logo for Thanksgiving.  Today is a day to rest, have fun, eat food, and spend time with friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving from the This and That, Here and There blog! ~Arca Share and use this hashtag for a chance to see your post or tweet on live TV:                                                                   #TDayCBS   I will be updating this post with picture from the parade. Above: A huge turkey float. 'Gobble, gobble!' Above: The iconic Ice Age movie character, Scrat the Squirrel, chasing an acorn. He will be in the upcoming movie Ice Age 5, coming to theaters summer 2016. Above: Meow meow meow. Meow meow? Meow meow meow! Meow meow meow mew, meow meow. (A Hello Kitty float) Above: 'Oh yeah!' A Cool Ai

Gravity Falls: "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape from Reality"-Encore- TAKE ANOTHER LOOK INSIDE THE BUBBLE! Watch it again, Wednesday , November 25, at 7:30 PM on Disney XD!

                               Last night's episode was amazing! And an episode that  good deserves an encore. Whether you missed it the first time or just want to watch it again, there will be another special showing of it tomorrow at 7:30 Pm on Disney XD. What a great way to kick off your Thanksgiving weekend! To learn more about the episode and see trailers, see my other post about it: That is all for this post, and be sure to share it with others, subscribe, and stay tuned for future posts. If you have read all the post on my home page, you can go into my archive to see my older posts, so they don't become forgotten! Once you reach the bottom of the page, click on "Older Posts" to see more. I try to make as many posts as possible as frequently as I can, and if you follow this blog you will see them on the bottom of your blogger dashboard. Thank you for reading, and I wi

Gravity Falls: "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality" - WE'RE COMING FOR YOU, MABEL! Watch it Monday, November 23, at 8 PM on Disney XD!

Buckle up, and get ready for the next episode of Gravity Falls, and part 2 of Weirdmageddon! Mabel has been trapped inside of a prison bubble, and Dipper, Soos, and Wendy are the only ones who can save her! You can watch it Monday, November 23, at 8 PM on Disney XD! Before I analyse some pictures, here are all of the trailers so far:                                                                                                                                                                                         They also have some mini series videos.  The first mini-series is 'Pacolypse Preppin', starring Old Man McGucket. There were some more for the previous episode, but here are the new ones:                                                                                                                                                       Notice how in each of the videos in the mini series, the screen gets darker and

Minecraft PE: 0.13.0 Final Beta Build Out- REDSTONE, RABBITS, DESERT TEMPLES, AND MORE!!! + Full iOS Release Date

If you are one of the many wanting redstone in Minecraft Pocket Edition, today is your lucky day.  0.12.0 was a HUGE update, and the developers are back with another amazing one.  (Note: All screenshots below are from the awesome YouTuber JackFrostMiner. You can see his channel here .) So what is in 0.13.0?  Well, first off, there is redstone! They haven't been able to implement everything redstone related just yet. For example, repeaters, pistons, and dispensers are not included yet. But we will likely see them in the next update. But at least there is some redstone! Note blocks were included, which I did totally not expect to happen.  Also daylight sensors. But I guess MCPE is just full of surprises... Here is what note blocks look like: They also have different types of doors, useful if you like building things. They make good decorations, and are available in every type of wood. And one of my favorite features, the rabbit! They are small,

Peanuts Movie Review

Hi! This is Arca. Today I will be doing a review of the Peanuts Movie. I haven't done a movie review in a while, so I hope you enjoy this post. Yesterday Onur and I watched the Peanuts movie.  It is based on the popular comic strip Peanuts , by Charles Schultz. Now, they made it into a movie. My Rating: I will rate this 4.5 out of 5 stars. I liked the story and all, but Snoopy was not how I expected. I know he's a dog, but in the comics Snoopy has a thought bubble above him so you know what he's thinking. Now, I didn't expect there to be a thought bubble, but couldn't Snoopy at least talk ?  But it was still pretty great. I love the comic, and this was almost as good. I did like the movie for its animation also. In the comics, the characters are 2D, and I like how they transferred it to 3D animation. Also, the movie had two stories in one. One follows Snoopy, and the other follows Charlie Brown. I though that it was really interesting and I

Halloween Trick-or-Treating 2015 : DARTH VADER AND STORMTROOPER VS CANDY!!!

Above: (From left to right) Onur, Neel, and me during trick-or-treating. Yesterday was Halloween, and me and Onur went trick-or-treating. I was Darth Vader, and he was a  Stormtrooper. I carried a lightsaber, and he also had one, even though in the movies, troopers don't have lightsabers. He decided to pretend he was Luke in disguise. Above: Me and Onur in front of someone's inflatable that says 'cemetery' on it . Our original plan was to go with Young. We saw him for a little while but then he needed to go to  church, so we started off on our own. We put a bowl shaped like a pumpkin in front of our house on a chair, and wrote a note that said to only take one at a time. Above: A house that had a giant black cat inflatable in front of it. Say 'meow'! We first went to the houses that looked the most interesting, such as the ones with many decorations near them. If we ringed the doorbell and knocked and no one responded in 30 secon