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LEAP DAY! February 29, 2016- Leap Year Explanation

Above: Today's Google logo for leap day. It has a bunny representing the 28th of February next to  one representing the 1st of March, and a bunny representing February 29 leaping between them! See it at , or if you are reading this another day, click here . 2016 is a very special year! Why? It is a leap year, which is rare and only happens every 4 years! On a leap year, an extra day is added to February, which is February 29, commonly called "Leap Day". But why exactly does this happen? The time it takes Earth to completely orbit the sun is different than the amount a year lasts on the average calendar used (AKA, the Gregorian Calendar). We say that there are 365 days in a year, but there are technically 365.24 days or a little over a day. That is why in order to keep our clocks and calendars in sync with Earth's ever-changing seasons, we add leap seconds, and also leap years. Believe it or not, originally, the ancient Roman calendar ha

I have reached 10,000 views! Shoutouts, thank yous, my YouTube channel, and MORE! My new goal + Blog upgrade 4.0 - 10,000 views special

I have some massive news for anyone who is reading this right now. I have officially reached 10,0000 views! Last year in February 2015, I had reached 1,000 views. Now, in February 2016, I am at 10,000. In a year, my views are 10 times the amount the year before!  I love writing and technology so it makes sense that I have a blog. But of course, if I made this post about me, it would be boring. Instead, this post will focus on the awesome people who helped me reached 10K views!  Some people have supported me from the start. First of all, I will recognize the people who have been fans for a while.  I will give a shoutout to my mom's friends, Meltem, and Birnur. They liked my first Squidoo blog just the way it was, and this earned them viewer of the month awards.  I want to thank Hakan and Devrim for viewing my blog frequently, ever since I started using Blogger. That was when I was really excited to have 38 views!  Of course, my mom and dad are on this li

Minecraft Pocket Edition- 0.14.0 Out Now for iOS and Android! - DISPENSERS, DYEABLE ARMOR, ITEM FRAMES, MAPS, WITCHES, AND MORE! Full list of features + Update Review + Quick announcement

The update we have been waiting for is finally here! Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.0 is now ready for download on all devices.  It has features such as witches, cauldrons, durable armor, slime blocks, survival inventory in creative, maps, and more redstone, and more! I will be making a complete list of all of the new ones. (Note: All the screenshots go credit to me since I took them when I was playing.) First of all, there is some more redstone such as comparators and repeaters, as well as dispensers and droppers. They also have added hoppers. There are more kinds of minecarts, such as minecarts with chests, hoppers, and TNT (if you want to get trolly) in them.  Next, there are slime blocks. These can be crafted using 9 slime balls, obtained from slime mob drops. If you jump on it from high, you receive no fall damage and also jump back up. It can be used as a trampoline in this way, but it doesn't last long. After one jump, each time you go up lower

10 Day-to-Night Photos by Stephen Wilkes That Will Blow Your Mind

Above: The photographer Stephen Wilkes. You may have heard of Stephen Wilkes. If not, then you definitely have seen at least one of his photos, but didn't know he took it. His photos can be seen on the covers of National Geographic  and in tourism guides. He uses photoshop to edit pictures to make them look like it is day and night in the same picture.  It looks truly amazing, so I will be showing you some of the best ones that I found. I found out about him when my parents went to a photo gallery in New York City. If you want to see more of his photos, here is his official website:               ______________________________________________________________ I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, be sure to share it with others and stay tuned for more. View daily as I try to make posts every 1-2 days, and subscribe to this blog to be notified of every new posts. Thanks for rea

Gravity Falls: "Weirdmaggedon" (Xpcveaoqfoxso)- FINALLY, TIME IS DEAD AND MEANING HAS NO MEANING! - Watch it tomorrow, October 26, at 8 PM,on Disney XD!

At the end of "Dipper and Mabel vs the Future", viewers were given a treat.  Bill possessed Blendin Blandin, tricked Mabel out of the Rift, and opened up the gateway between worlds, therefore finally starting the apocalypse!           The episode is technically titled "Xpcveaoqfoxso", and decoded in the Caesar cypher it reads, "Weirdmaggedon". Ford was referring to that name at the beginning of the previous episode. In one of the trailers, a news reporter calls it the "Oddpacolypse". It is a pun of the apocalypse.  We can tell this episode will be huge, because of how many trailers there are! I counted more than 5 of them.                                                                                                                                                                                     There is also a mini-series called 'Pacolypse Preppin" and it features Old Man McGucket.

Gravity Falls: "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls"- Series Finale- LET'S BAND TOGETHER AND BEAT BILL!!! Trailer and Picture Analysis + Watch it President's Day Monday, February 15, at 8 PM on Disney XD!

This amazing summer is coming to an end. Part 3 of the Weirdmageddon story arc and also the series finale of Gravity Falls is the episode that will air (tomorrow) Monday. Everyone will band together and defeat Bill! We will find out big secrets along the way, and also feel some major feels. It will be an hour long this time. #TakeBacktheFalls #gravityfinale #GravityFalls                                                                       First of all, here are all the teasers, trailers, and promos of it so far: The one above is a bit outdated, since the episode is no longer in 5 days, but it is tomorrow. Anyways, here are all the major pictures from the promos and my analysis of them. Above, we see a flag that says "Take Back the Falls". It appears to have some of the symbols on the Bill Cipher Wheel on it. The hand is of course Ford and the shooting star is Mabel. The axe is probably Wendy since she is a lumberjack and the pickaxe might be