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Gravity Falls: "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls"- Series Finale- LET'S BAND TOGETHER AND BEAT BILL!!! Trailer and Picture Analysis + Watch it President's Day Monday, February 15, at 8 PM on Disney XD!

This amazing summer is coming to an end. Part 3 of the Weirdmageddon story arc and also the series finale of Gravity Falls is the episode that will air (tomorrow) Monday. Everyone will band together and defeat Bill! We will find out big secrets along the way, and also feel some major feels. It will be an hour long this time. #TakeBacktheFalls
                      First of all, here are all the teasers, trailers, and promos of it so far:

The one above is a bit outdated, since the episode is no longer in 5 days, but it is tomorrow.

Anyways, here are all the major pictures from the promos and my analysis of them.

Above, we see a flag that says "Take Back the Falls". It appears to have some of the symbols on the Bill Cipher Wheel on it. The hand is of course Ford and the shooting star is Mabel. The axe is probably Wendy since she is a lumberjack and the pickaxe might be Old Man McGucket because he is a miner. There are two pine trees and if I had to guess, one is Dipper and the other is a clone of him, like we see in the episode "Double Dipper". It would be interesting to see how one of them returns. The question mark is obviously Soos. The flag looks a bit ripped, so we can tell that it has seen some damage. Also, the buildings behind it are burning, a result of Bill's takeover.

The flag above is the same one as before, except that there are burning trees in the background. I think that someone has placed it next to the Mystery Shack, since there is a pine tree forest next to it.

This picture shows Dipper and Mabel holding hands and giving a speech. They are probably giving a pep talk to everyone in the Shack to work together to defeat Bill and his minions. There are many pictures of Bill that start to fade in at this part of the trailer.

Here we see Mabel standing on some kind of box, and a lightbulb is behind her. We are seeing this image everywhere, so it must be important somehow. But look closely: The box she is standing on has some metal screws on it. So maybe they are being used to build some kind of machine to defeat Bill. I personally think that maybe the lightbulb is the lightbulb built by Ford in the episode "The Stanchurian Candidate" that lasts for a thousand years and is good for your skin. Either way is  possible.

The picture above is from a video that the YouTuber Vailskibum94 made. It is part of a sneak peek that Alex Hirsch, the show's creator, posted on Twitter. This pretty much confirms the fact that they are going to build a machine to fight Bill. We see many characters in this. Grenda appears to have some kind of a robot fist. If these are the characters on the Bill Cipher wheel, then the fan theorists have gotten most of it wrong. But we will have to wait to find out.

Here we see Bill himself getting blown into a million pieces! This is likely the moment that he gets defeated. He is 3D computer animated, so it will be interesting to see how that turns out.

Here we see all of the characters in the Shack cheering. They must be determined to defeat Bill, since it looks like it is after Dipper and Mabel's pep talk. This is because Mabel is wearing her cupcake sweater from before.

Here, we see Dipper and Mabel running through Bill's pyramid.
 I don't think that they are being chased, but it looks like they are after something. 

Here we have one of Bill's floating eyeball creatures flying above the Shack. It appears to have x-ray vision and is probably looking through it to find the survivors.

Behind the text in the promo, Stan is closing the Shack door shut. There is some kind of pink liquid behind him. It is probably caused by Bill.

Above, Wendy is punching a picture of Bill on a sack that a manotaur is holding. She has said before that her family gave her apacolypse training, so she is probably practicing it.

Here we see some of the charaters looking up at something. If I had to guess, it was probably Bill or one of his henchmen.

Above, they are looking up in fear of something. It is eitehr when they realise their positions on the Cipher Wheel, or when Bill or one of his creatures breaks into the Shack.

Some of the characters are looking down and crying about something. Some people think that it is when someone doesn't survive, but I think that it is when they realise that they don't stand much of a chance against Bill. 

Here, Ford is being unfrozen. Bill is likely doing it because in the last episode, when he wanted to find a way to remove the huge barrier bubble around Gravity Falls, he looked down at Ford frozen in gold and said, "Someone needs to come out of retirement." It is probably becuase he want to make a deal with Ford. 

He is talking to Ford about something, and Ford is chained up. 
He is probably trying to convince Bill to join his side. More on that later.

He is holding the same glass as before, and in his eyes we see a planet. Bill Cipher and his dimension have always been associated with space. I think he is showing Ford what he could do if he joins him. Ford has always wanted to learn more about the universe, so this makes sense.

Since Ford is looking at something that glows, and Bill's eye was glowing, I think Bill was talking to him and showing him the possibilities of having utimate power.

Above, Ford is looking at the universe and he appears to be huge. Notice how his eyebrows are pointing down but he his still smiling, so he has an evil look somehow. I think that Bill has gave him the chance to know everything about the universe. But in return, Ford must be evil and tell Bill how to get rid of the barrier around the town keeping Bill and his creatures from conquering the world. 

Here, Bill is huge and is taking over the world, so his deal with Ford is complete. He now knows how to pass the bubble barrier around Gravity Falls, and can now completely take over.

Above we see Bill on his throne, with a sinister expression. That is all I can say about this photo.


On the official Gravity Falls Wiki, the decsription of the episode reveals an interesting plot detail. (See it here.) It says, "Ford discovers Bill Cipher's true motives and then a final confrontation with Bill leads to the Pines family's ultimate fate and greatest sacrifice.

Hear that? It says that there will be an ultimate sacrifice. That means that someone will not survive.
It says that it will be the Pines family's greatest fate, so it has to be someone in the Pines family, so it can't be Soos. It definititely isn't Dipper and Mabel, since they are the show's main characters. Many people have thought that it will be Stan, but I have another theory.

I think that Ford will not make it. That is because after his deal with Bill, he will have ultimate power. But maybe in order to save the world, he will have to sacrifice himslef to stop it. Or maybe Bill will be the one who causes it. Either way may happen.

Also, in the credits section it states, "Larry King as Wax Larry King". This is one of the living wax statues from the episode "Headhunters". In that episode, the code during the end credits is "HE'S STILL IN THE VENTS." So this explains it completely.

Alex Hirsch has posted on Twitter that there will be a showdown between Bill Cipher and Time Baby, the show's two most powerful inter-dimensional beings. At the end of Weirdmageddon Part 1, he was destroyed by Bill. But that doesn't mean he is gone completely. At the end of Weirdmagaddon 1, the cipher decoded reads, "IT WILL TAKE 1,000 YEARS FOR TIME BABY'S MOLECULES TO RECONTSRUCT. AND WHEN HE'S BACK, HE'S GOING T BE VERY CRANKY." Also, he doesn't mean that he has to wait that long to be back, he can just travel abck and time to fight Bill, since he has the power to do so.

We will have to wait until the episode to see if this is all correct, though.

I am very excited for the series finale! Watch it tomorrow, Presidents Day Monday at 8 PM on Disney XD!