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I have reached 10,000 views! Shoutouts, thank yous, my YouTube channel, and MORE! My new goal + Blog upgrade 4.0 - 10,000 views special

I have some massive news for anyone who is reading this right now. I have officially reached 10,0000 views! Last year in February 2015, I had reached 1,000 views. Now, in February 2016, I am at 10,000. In a year, my views are 10 times the amount the year before! 

I love writing and technology so it makes sense that I have a blog. But of course, if I made this post about me, it would be boring. Instead, this post will focus on the awesome people who helped me reached 10K views! 

Some people have supported me from the start. First of all, I will recognize the people who have been fans for a while. 

I will give a shoutout to my mom's friends, Meltem, and Birnur. They liked my first Squidoo blog just the way it was, and this earned them viewer of the month awards. 

I want to thank Hakan and Devrim for viewing my blog frequently, ever since I started using Blogger. That was when I was really excited to have 38 views! 

Of course, my mom and dad are on this list. My mom advertises my blog on Facebook a lot. My dad also checks my posts for errors and the one who started my blog in the first place. Without them, none of this would have happened! 

Some people not only like to read my blog, they are also convinced to start their own blogs. These are the people who are inspired by me, and I will also give a link to their blogs and YouTube channels as well. 

I would also like to thank my next door neighbor Young who has started his own video games blog because of me. Young, some of his friends and I work on it together time to time. We do not post frequently but usually post about the history of gaming, Now here it is:

My Turkish friends, Ali, and Burak, who are huge friends of mine, also each started their own blogs. Burak writes about travel and personal updates, while Ali uses it as a diary, but has not started yet.
Burak's blog:
Even their dad has a small blog!:

Xiang, did you really think that I could forget to add you to this list? He was completely inspired by me to start another really successful blog. He has reached 1,000 views in less than a month and posts daily. Wow, impressive! He also has a YouTube channel where he posts hilarious PowToon animations.

Obviously, I will put my little brother Onur here. He started his own blog as soon as he found out that my blog got a lot of views. Here it is:

Some people deserve to be on this list but don't fall into the two above categories. I decided to add them here!

I would like to thank anybody else I know, or any friends that support my blog, such as Evan and Emily and Emma. Just by doing what you are doing, you help my blog a lot!

Also, my supportive school teachers, especially Mr. D, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Schuh, and Mrs. Fiorello!

And anyone reading this right now! Just by viewing daily and sharing with others, you can help me reach my next goal: 20 thousand views!

Blog Upgrade 4.0

And by the way, you may have noticed some changes to my blog recently. I have changed the background, favicon, and more for you to discover!

My YouTube channel

I would also like to show you all my YouTube channel. I make videos about drawing and origami, as well as funny video and music edits. Enjoy! Here it is:

I hope you enjoy all the effort that I put into this post since I accidentally deleted it once and had to re-do it. See you all next time! BBBYYYYEEEE!!!!


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