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How to Fold an Easy Origami YouTube Play Button! | My New YouTube Video

After reaching 40 YouTube subscribers, I invented my own version of an orıgamı YouTube play button. I called it the paper play button, and it is very easy to make. You need a perfect square sheet of paper. It should be white on one sıde and red on the other. Start with the white side facing up. 

I made a YouTube video showing you how to make it. Hope that this is useful for you guys! You can make it with any color or soze you want to celebrate however many subscıbers you get!

Here is the video:

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Remember to subscribe to my channel! Help me get to 20,000 vıews before Thanksgiving for a surprise! Vıew daily and tell others to do so, too.

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See you guys next time! BBBYYYYYYEEEE!!!!!