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Minecraft PE 0.11.0 Update Preview-Confirmed Features+ Release Date

Minecraft: Pocket Edition already has some same features from the PC version.
But some want it to be unique in some ways, so more people will want to play it. It just can't be the same as PC, or no one will really want to play it.

  In upcoming update 0.11.0 there will be several new features, such as confirmed skins, cave spiders, potion effects (but still not potions), and boats. But, all of its from the PC version.

Boats, however, will be different. their texture will be a bit different and they will need paddles to move. Also, instead of being crafted with wooden planks, you can craft them with logs. They may end up looking like minecarts.

They will add cave spiders that can poison you and some exclusive potion effects. Not potions, just the effects alone.

There will be in-game skins, including Alex. Along with the in-game skins, there should be some exclusive ones. The pigmen texture will finally be changed.

Oh, and if you are wondering when the confirmed released date is, it's sometime later this month or April. What feature are you looking forward to the most? Leave your answer in the comments down below.

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  1. I am looking forward to skins the most.
    I want a villager skin.

  2. cool i want diamond armor skin

  3. They have still not released it because they also took time to add more features, such as squids(version exclusive: baby squids!?!) and fishing.
    So they better be right that its in two weeks or my head might just explode.


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