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This and That, Here and There Blog Upgrade 5.0: List of Features + SORRY FOR THE "RECENT POSTS" GLITCH!

Since you all have requested it, I have upgraded my blog to 5.0! Here are a list of the new features so far.

  • A link list at the top of the page, showing other important links.
  • A blog survey where I can get other people's opinions on my blog. If you haven't done it already, here it is:
  • A post every day. I will stop doing this near the end of July, sicne then I will leave for my Turkey vacation.
  • A new temporary TTHT logo, with orange and red:

  • Special occasion and holiday messages on the left side of the screen, as well as a shoutout to my camp counselor Josh.
  • Links to the previous post and related posts as well as Google+ polls are shown at the end of every post.
  • A lantern summer background.
  • No more fancy cursor. (I will explain why in a bit.)

The Most Annoying Glitch Ever in the History of my Blog

Chances are, your screen is loading way slower than usual when you visit my blog. That is because now that all the code from doesn't work anymore when the browser tries to load my blog page it gets unauthenticated HTML code, and this causes it to load in slow-motion. I deleted most of the old code from my blog layout, including the fancy cursor I used to had that did not work anymore. However, somehow the "Recent Posts" widget I used to have duplicated itself several times (for no apparent reason) and it takes up half the screen at the bottom of my blog. So if you see that at the bottom of my blog, now you know why. 

I am working to fix this by deleting as many of the old widgets as possible, but doing so takes forever. There are like a million of them, and it takes like 10 seconds to delete each since it requires clicking on edit, clicking on remove, clicking on OK, and waiting for it to load. Then repeat that process about a million more times and you know what its like! I wish they culd just add a trashcan feature to the layout, so you could just drag and drop them. That would be a lot quicker this way. I hope I can fix this bug as soon as possible, but it will take quite a while!


I hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to view daily and stay tuned for tomorrow's post, as well as a post everyday until the end of July! 

Here is my previous post, about my Minecraft PE Angry Birds builds of the Bomb bird and a slingshot:

See you next time! BBYYYYYEEEEEEE!!!!!!


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