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Personal Update Late July 2016: I am leaving for Turkey!

I will be leaving for Turkey later today. I will not be able to post that much for three weeks. I will be back on August 20th. I will try to post at least once a week when I am there. I will post pictures of where I travel. 

I will go to Bodrum on the first week. They have a great beach. I will be staying at a big resort. The second week, I will be in Ankara, the capital city. My mom's side of the family lives there. On the final week, I will be in Gurun. I will see my dad's side of the family there. Please be aware that on the final week I will most likely not be able to post at all. 

Once I am back, I will continue to post daily until school starts. I know I have promised many posts, but have not published them yet. I promise that I will finally get to post all my overdue posts once I am back.

It is a 10 hour airplane ride to an airport in Istanbul. Once I am there, I will not stay long. I will go on another plane to Bodrum, then go on a bus ride to the resort. See you guys in Turkey. For now, I guess this means BBYYYYYYYYYEEE!!!


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