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By the way, hi, Josh! :) 

The only reaction I can give right now is the title of this post.  

June 2017 is the one month of the entire history of my blog to get the most additional views within that month, with over 9,000 so far.

The amount of views that I once made in a few weeks is now what I often make in a single day. Take a while to digest that sentence. For those of you who still don't understand the enormity of the situation, let me say it in a different context:
Bob can eat one thousand cookies, but it takes him a week or two. Recently though, his doctor has worried about his risk of obesity, since he eats one thousand cookies in a matter of a single day, and has been doing this for the past few days. Bob expects this habit to continue. He may eat around 30 thousand cookies per month, and this can potentially lead to an additional 60 thousand cookies by the end of summer and crazily enough, (if this pattern continues) 360 thousand per year!!!!!

That previous paragraph becomes the truth if you replace Bob with Arca, cookies with views, and remove the part abut his doctor's worries. I sometimes get 600 views a day, sometimes even 700-900. I rarely get past one thousand a day, but I am always close to that amount.

Remember how I said I would make a special post for 50 thousand views? Forget it. Instead, I will make the silver award and post for 100,000 thousand views, since I think it is a better accomplishment.