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Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards 2016 tomorrow! Gravity Falls, Star Wars, and Minecraft: Story Mode Nominated! VOTING NOW CLOSED?! Watch it Saturday, March 12 at 8 PM on Nick!

The Nickolodeon Kid's Choice Awards for 2016 will be live tomorrow on Nick! It will feature Blake Shelton as the host, and several celebrity guest stars and some of your favorite movies, shows, video agmes, and more! Who will win each category? The answer lies in your hands!

The best thing about the KCAs are that you can vote as many times you want, for free, no age limit or form needed. That was, until today. Voting has now been closed! Kinda a bummer, sice I really wanted to vote for Gravity Falls over and over. I should have done it earlier. But the good news is, the winners will be announced tomorrow, Friday night (March 12) at 8 PM on Nick!

During the show, be sure to have your tablets, phones, or computers with you since there will be mini-votes during the show that you can only do then. Kids like me can have a lot of control over the winners, as we can continually vote over and over, and even click on it 5 billion times if you wanted to (and had the time)!

This post as originally supposed to give a link to voting for the nominees, but I later found put that you couldn't vote anymore. That is strange, comsidering all the years before this, you could vote until the show actually started!

Many things that I love got nominated, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens and its cast, Minecraft: Story Mode, Minions, and even Gravity Falls! Gravity Falls needs to beat Spongebob's 10 year winning streak! That show must finally lsoe, since Gravity Falls is obviously better! (And if Gravity Falls doesn't win, I hope that its ANYTHING but Spongebob!) 

Tune in tomorrow! I will be posting the winners the next day, as I did last year.

To play KCA games, do mini-polls, and watch funny videos and nomination clips, go here:

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