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Learn to Play the Theremin With Clara Rockmore! 2016 Google Logo Doodle Game

Clara Rockmore was actually the inspiration for music groups such as Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones! Today would have been her 105th birthday (if she was still alive) and Google has celebrated it by making the Google Doodle today a game!

Who was Clara Rockmore? She played (and was a master at) the theremin, the world's first electronic instrument that can be played without touching it. Why was this so important? This led to the creation of the synthesiser, which helped create electronic rock music the way we know it today.

The Google logo today is an interactive game where by hovering you mouse over the notes, you can produce music and copy the musician! Once you have completed all the levels, you can be the composer yourself, and try making your own theremin music!

You can go to, or just go here if you are looking at this another day, go here: