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Happy St. Patrick's Day! 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I am not Irish, but if you are, I hope you enjoy today! The leprechaun has somehow figured out how to make my text color green, and I can't change it back! 

Even the Google logo turns green when  a little clover guy jumps on top. He is everywhere! My friend, Xiang, had glitter all around his house! (To see his blog post about that, click here.) My little brother's classroom set up traps for the leprechaun, but all they could catch were grasshoppers! He left confetti everywhere, and it was an absolute mess. And of course, he changed my blog up and decorated it all green!

I am sorry that I have not been able to post much recently. I haven't posted the KCA results, but I will do it soon. Also, Spring Break is coming up for my school, and I will be going to Disney World in Florida! Expect to see posts about that with photos.

And watch out for the leprechaun! He can be hiding anything on my blog. Can you find his pot of gold? It is somewhere if you scroll down on my blog. Good luck!

I will see you next time! BBYYYEEE!!!