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Help! I'm trapped in a Dr. Suess Book! - Read Across America Special

Today is a very special day!
Be sure to listen to what I will say.
Today is a day dedicated to reading books!
And not just any kind of things that you can read on Nooks
Dr. Suess books!

I seem to keep on using rhyming words
And everywhere there seems to be birds
The world around me is strange
I can only see in a limited range

                                         Everyone has whiskers and fur
                    Can't tell whether it's a he or her
                                         I seem to be stuck inside a place
                     And the exit leaves no trace
                      I must be stuck inside a book
                           A Dr. Suess book!

                                "Oh no, oh no!
                     I am stuck on the ground real low"
                       It was a story abandoned a while
         No one reads it, but the book characters smile
                          "Pick me up! Pick me up!
                     Stop drinking coffee from a cup"
                                                          "Read me! Read me!
                         Only then can you save me
                            And I will smile with glee"

                         I guess my shouting did help
                          A small kid heard me yelp
                        My face was smaller than the tip of                                        his shoe
                        He decided to open the book to page                                           two

                       So he read, and read, and read
                         Words were coming out of the                                       mouth on his head
                           After a while he found out
                   That he was in it and let out a shout
                               "What can I do to help you,                            small person? Give you a hand, take a                               stand? Call the police? Act like a                        geese? I promise to help you!"


                                  So I told him to reach into the page
                Inside I was no longer feeling rage
                                  The boy was helping me get out!
                   I owed him, without a doubt


                   So I jumped out of the book and                                       thanked him
                   I promised to gove a shout-out to him                                 on my blog
                       Then a way I went!


                           Thank goodness that now I can stop rhyming! I am back in real life now.
                                 Happy Read Across America Day, and remember to read books!