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Yesterday was my Second Day of School 2014

(Don't worry, I won't type in much. This is just to let you know that yesterday was  my second day
of school.)    

(Image by Squidoo)


1. When I asked my mom mom about the air conditioning thing, she said that that it was probably because in the fifth grade hallway, there aren't much classrooms in the fifth grade hallway, so they have to squeeze as many people as possible into very few classrooms. That causes
them to feel more hot then us. But I still don't get the bathroom thing....

2. I got one of those fancy "accordion" folders in my School Tool Box! It even came with labels!

3. I got my first Scholastic Arrow Bookclub
order-form of the entire school year!
4.That's pretty much it.
                                        Have a good weekend!


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