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Ramadan is Here!

Dear Viewers,

It is Ramadan, a Muslim holiday. It is the time when Muslim adults will fast until sundown. “What does fast mean?” It means to not eat or drink anything until sundown. I know it sounds horrible, but you don’t HAVE TO do it. The purpose of it is to understand how poor people feel and want to help them. I don’t actually fast. But, since I’m a kid, it’s okay to practice for an hour or two until you finally give up. It is a time when people party-usually at sundown. For kids, there is candy. It all has a moral…

Anyways, because of the “sundown thing” I will be adding a new backyard party theme to replace the summer theme.
I will put the cloudy theme back when Ramadan-or Ramazan, as Turkish people call it-is over. For all of my
Turkish friends, I will maybe add a Turkish Connection Section. MAYBE, just MAYBE….
I will leave it up to you to decide if you want it. And if no one answers, I will put it on anyways.

And a few of my friends at school have been asking if I will be putting videos of me playing Minecraft on my blog but the problem with that is that Squidoo only lets you put YouTube and Vimeo videos on your site and since I don’t have a YouTube channel I can’t. I asked my dad if I could have one and he said,”Probably not, but I will think about it.”
But the good news is that there are a lot of Rovio news I will be writing about soon.

So, that’s about all I have to tell you for know.

Arca (*sigh* “/ “Arch)


PS: In case you didn’t know, I was born here in the USA but my parents are from Turkey.
(The reason I put a lot of parentheses in this letter is because I am “forever in love with ()” ;))


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