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NYC was awesome! (Part 1)

First, we checked out the 2014 MoCCA Arts Fest

(Written April 6, 2014-Happened on April 5, 2014) I guess I have a lot to write about. I couldn’t do this yesterday because when I got back from New York, it was too late. Anyways, here I go…

First, we checked out the 2014 MoCCA Arts Fest. MoCCA stands for Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. The place had a really long line outside. We went in line anyways. When we went inside we saw that there was a giant Charlie Brown float on the ceiling. Inside there were hundreds of cartoonists, graphic novelists, and book illustrators. You could get special edition signed comic books and a famous cartoonist could draw a cartoony portrait of you. A cartoonist named Kendra drew a portrait of me holding Onur’s shoulders. It looked like we were Pokemon characters but we liked it anyway. In the kids section, there was a TV with a Peanuts animated special playing on it. There were also coloring books. But there were also comic books that appeal to kids like Peanuts and Adventure Time. They even had a cafe. After checking it out, we left.
(To be continued in Part 2)


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