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New Minecraft PE update in 1 week!

New update adds villagers, iron golems,snow golems(?), endermen, slime, and ability to spawn them plus change skin in Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE Update 0.9.0 (April 5,2014) I have heard that in 1 week, there will be a Minecraft PE update that will let you change your skin. What’s more, it will add villagers, iron golems, maybe snow golems, endermen, slime and ability to spawn mobs and villagers in creative. Don’t worry- in creative mode they can’t harm you. But the creeper will blow up in creative… and the endermen will teleport and the slime will jump on your head,etc… Plus, major bug fixes, new, items, and maybe even more!

My review: I can’t wait for the new update to be released! It will be released during my school’s spring break. I am planning to change my Minecraft name to Arch and get an Angry Birds skin. Many people have Stampy Cat skins in PE but I won’t get one. I also have big plans for the villagers and golems…
PE Update 0.9.0

UPDATE!: I have found out that that is not true and that there is a lot more stuff I forgot to write.
To learn more watch the livestream at https//


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