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Spring Poems by me 2014

Enjoy these hilarious poems by me!

Poem 1:Spring Has Sprung!
Spring has sprung!

Birds, rabbits, and other animals come back out.

After a long winter it”s
good to have some warmth and flowers.

And finally no more snow plowers!

Poem 2:Animals, Chillax!
Before the winter, you got ready and saved food.

During the winter, you stuffed ‘yer face!

Now, it’s tome to chillax…

Poem 3: Can’t wait ’till spring break
I can’t wait ’till spring break!

I can’t wait ’till spring break!

I can’t wait- I’m just so excited!

After the spring break there’s not much of the school year left- except field day!

Oh, and the NJ ASK…

Poem 4: During spring break
What will I do during spring break?

I can go skiing, to Miami, or to the Great Wall of China.
I can always go to Turkey :)

How about… falling 24,000 feet in the air, strapped to a giant squid, with 20 knives and 120 time bombs strapped to the squid, into the mouth of an active volcano!

Or… I can just chillax, chill, and relax…


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