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Minecraft Pocket Edition- 0.12.3 Surprise Update Out Now - NEW HALLOWEEN SKIN PACK!

The MCPE developers are in a festive mood this year for Halloween, since they released 0.12.3 with a Halloween skin pack. Like 0.12.2 before it, this update also has bug fixes, and a few other little tweaks. But it also comes with a skin pack full of people wearing costumes of Minecraft mobs. (Note that the screenshot above does not show all of the skins in the skin pack).

I really liked the look of the skin pack, and downloaded it for just 99 cents. (The price depends on where you live, of course. Canada and the UK have different prices.) I loved the skin pack, and couldn't choose one, since they were all awesome! I decided to eventually settle with the snow golem costume, since it looked pretty cool. I also used the Rainbow Sheep costume, since it was funny, and had classic "Herobrine" eyes.

Be sure to download this awesome Halloween skin pack! It is worth the one dollar.
I will give it a 4  1/2 star rating, because while they hads many mobs, they didn't always have the person underneath that matches me. For example, the ocelot costume skin I wanted is worn by a girl. 
But if you are wearing it just for the sake of the costume, go ahead and buy it!

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