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Day Before Halloween Google Logo- Play the game, compete against the world and collect the most candy to win!

It is the day before Halloween, and Google's already celebrating. 
Today's Google logo is a game where you choose a team and fly a witch on a broom, collecting as much candy as possible, and seeing your team's scores worldwide. 
I am currently rooting for the blue team, but what team are you rooting for?

The teams are red, yellow, blue, and green. As of now blue and green are almost a tie, but now blue has passed! Yellow has the most, and red is a bit less. Green has the least points, and blue comes next. I really hope the blue team recovers!

To play the game:

Go to You do not need Google as your main search engine for it to work, but if you do, 
it will appear in a new tab. Press play. The game is a lot like Flappy Bird, except that you have infinite lives and the goal is to get as much candy as possible before you reach the end of the course. How much candy you get adds to your team's total. Let the best team win!

Here is the link (if you are not reading this on October 30-31): 

                                                            Happy Halloween!

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