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Gravity Falls: "Dipper and Mabel vs The Future" Clip Shown at NY Comic Con Panel 2015- THE FUTURE IS TOMORROW!!!! Watch the episode October 12, 8 PM, on Disney XD!

A clip of the new episode was shown at New York Comic Con 2015 today!

That music at the end though... They changed the theme song? Sounds pretty spooky to me. This means that something bad  HAS TO HAPPEN!!!!

Here is the clip:

                                                     To learn more about this ep:

                     My first blog post about it, which is not as detailed but had the first two trailers in it:

                  My second blog post about it, where I go into more details and show pictures, as well as a                   third trailer:

             Watch it tomorrow, October 12 (Columbus Day), 8 PM,on Disney XD!

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