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A Bird Version of Shakira Guest Stars in Angry Birds Friends and Angry Birds Stella POP! + Angry Birds Toons App Available + Angry Birds Toons Season 3 and Stella Season 2 + Announcement + LEGO Angry Birds New Poster

Angry Birds Stella POP! has had original bird guest stars from Piggy Island such as the Blues, Red, and Chuck. But now they are introducing a new bird to the flock: Shakira bird. Don't believe me? Go to the App Store or Google Play Store and see it for yourself. Type in "angry birds stella pop" and you will see that they even renamed the game to Angry Birds Stella POP!: Shakira Bird.

Play it for yourself and try out the new levels!

She seems to be very happy about it.
(To see image below in full size click here.)

I think that it is kinda weird that Shakira has her own angry bird version of herself.
My reaction to this:
|     |     |
\/   \/   \/

Not only is it in Stella POP! , it is also in Angry Birds Friends. The latest tournament has Shakira bird in it.

Angry Birds App Now Available!

Now there is a separate app to watch Angry Birds Toons. You can still watch it using the games, but you can also use this app for watching purpose only. Plus, using the app, you can be the first to watch future episodes!

Angry Birds Toons Season 3

Speaking of AB Toons, the first three episodes have been released worldwide. 
They are currently only on the app, but will be released on the other games too, very soon. 
(Of course, they may be out by the time I publish this post, but that I will see.)

Here is the trailer:

Along with that, there is also Season 2 of Angry Birds Stella: The Series.
No trailer has been released of that just yet but it has been confirmed.
(Too see image below in full size click here.)

LEGO Angry Birds Movie- New Poster Released

This is what it looks like:

To learn more about the Angry Birds Movie and LEGO Angry Birds in another post, click here.
To see the movie trailer, click here.

Today was my book fair. One of the books I got is a Angry Birds Transformers comic book.
Here is what it looks like:

Anyways, this post took a while to make, and I hope you enjoy it. Posts like these often get more views, and that's exactly what I aim to do.

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