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Turkey Trip 2019 (August)- All My YouTube Videos [UPDATED]

UPDATE 10/13/2019: I have been told by some that they dislike my "mini-vlog" format that has dominated my own channel (which I intended to mirror the "sneak peeks" you'll find on my collab channel, The AABO Show). Since I didn't currently have much of a good editing software outside of the automatically AI-generated "mini-vlogs", I thought I could just skip out on making full-fledged, "proper" vlogs.

However, I realised that when I took all this footage, for the Bodrum Castle at least, I spoke quite a few times and in the mini-vlog, you couldn't make out the context of what I was going to say since it always was interruped by music. So in response, I just created the literal opposite of a "mini-vlog": Long, full of images and video, zero-interruptions to what I'm saying, and no music whatsoever. So every single moment and memory of my experience gets to shine. You can watch it at the top of my post, or at this link:

If you want to still see a "shorter" but inferior version of the video, you can see the original mini-vlog at this link:

Don't leave just yet! Also check out this mini-vlog of me visiting Sugul National Park in Gurun, but since I don't speak at all in the footage, and since I didn't have much footage or pictures in the first place, I found that a mini-vlog worked best. You can view it below, or at this link: