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Star Wars: Forces of Destiny-- A new animated mini-series, is it good?

A new Star Wars animated series has been released. And no, Star Wars Rebels hasn't ended yet, but it is on its fourth and final season. This new series is called Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, and it features several mini-shorts uploaded to the Disney YouTube channel that all feature a female main character from the Star Wars universe. They are all 2-3 minutes long, and the animation style is 2D, unlike how the Clone Wars and Rebels shows had 3D animation. 

You can see a sneak peek below:

Here is a link to the full playlist of episodes, which will be updated every day:

Many people's reaction to this was, "Oh no! Feminism has ruined Star Wars!"
In response, Disney has said that Star Wars is basically for all ages and genders so it shouldn't matter since Star Wars can be enjoyed by anyone. So that means that even men should be able to enjoy watching it.

It is meant to portray Star Wars women as strong female characters that can provide as a role model for others. I haven't seen an episode that has really taught a moral lesson yet, just stuff like Leia and Rey being badass and fighting stormtroopers.

I don't think its that terrible, but the episodes aren't that great either. They are really short, and don't have much of a story. The conflict is very minor and ends up getting solved very quick. I enjoyed the one with Leia on Hoth base the most, it was the most exciting out of all the dull ones. The animation style is unique and interesting, so that is one good thing I can say about it.

The show just started a few days ago, so it would be fair to have it deserve a chance to be appreciated. It is far to early to judge it.

 At first, I assumed that it was non-canon and wasn't that important. Turns out, I was wrong. The official Star Wars Wikia says that it is actually canon. Maybe that will make the series better by having the writers focus more on the story line. We will have to wait to find out...