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ANNOUNCEMENT: Leaving for Turkey! (July 2017)

I haven't been posting every day recently, and I apologize for that. My posts still have been frequent, but more like every 1-2 days. This is a very important announcement. 

As of the time I post this, I would have already left for the airport to go on vacation to Turkey. Last year, I made a post once a week where I would show photos and discuss what I did and where I visited that week. Here are last year's Turkey trip posts:

This year, I plan to do the same thing with making a post once a week, and occasionally some regular posts in between. In my first week, I will be in both Yalova and Bursa to see my entire family at my cousin Mehmet's wedding. During the second week, we will go to Ankara, the capitol of Turkey, to see my mom's side of the family. On the third week, we wil go to the beach in Bodrum. Can I reach 80 thousand views by the end of the month? 

Three weeks later, (on the 14th of August), I will be back at home. Then, I will do my best to guarantee a post or two everyday. I will do a review of the Nintendo Switch and some of its games, post my Angry Birds Star Wars Rogue One mashup drawings, and possible take story requests.  

My next post will be over a week later. Until then, BYE!!! (Or, should I say it in Turkish, hoşçakal!)