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This and That, Here and There: Blog Trailer! (Video)

Hello, guys! This is Arca. Using  I made a trailer video for this blog. If you are a fan of my blog or a newcomer, I suggest that you watch this video. It explains what my blog is about.  is an easy video making website where you can put together footage, animation, pictures, and words to make an awesome presentation. If you want to make YouTube videos or any presentation in general, I suggest this. I personally think that is a bit better, but this is also good. Both of them have a watermark at the side that you have to pay to remove. But in Powtoon it is cheaper to remove (not that I will do it). Both are free to use and sign up. In Biteable, all templates are free. But in Powtoon, some require premium. Powtoon is better since it is more like Google Slides, and lets you use whatever images you want (and the ones given) to make a short animation.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video!

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See you next time! BBBYYYYEEEEE!!!!