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Happy 18th Birthday Google! w/ Today's Google Logo

Whenever somebody asks me the question, "What's your favorite tech company?", I always answer the same thing: Google. Why not Apple? There are many reasons for this. Most of what I do online uses Google. Whether it is BBlogger, YouTube, or Google+, most of it is made by Google in some way or another. I know that you may have expected me to say Apple, but that comes in second place. Third place is Amazon, and fourth place is Microsoft. Without Google, this blog wouldn't exist!

Today is a very special day: Google's 18th birthday! They have made a special doodle logo for it that you can see when you check their homepage today. It shows the letter G of the logo blowing a balloon and tying it so that it looks like the rest of the letters. This carries him/her into the air and it pops shortly after. The G falls back down and makes another balloon. There are balloons in the background with the same color as the letters in the logo.

The company was founded in September of 1998; that was 18 years ago. I put a video below that you can watch that explains the complete history of Google.

There was also an interesting article about the topic I found on The Verge:


Here is my previous post, about yesterday's Google logo about voter registration day:

Sign this petition if you haven't already. We only have two weeks to reach our goal: 

See you next time!!! BBBYYYYYEEEEE!!!!!