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My New Profile Picture of My Minecraft Skin + How to Do it

I have a new custom made avatar for myself. It is my Minecraft skin. How do you do it? It is very simple, and free. 

Step 1: Go to to this website:

Step 2: Enter your MC username or choose a skin file. To get a skin file, go to From there, search what skin you want, and then click download.

Step 3: Click on "Start Making Avatar". Then you can choose whatever setting you like best. You can change the border color, background colors, and figure type. Here are a few figure types.
Face Only

Step 4: Once you are satisfied, click "Finish and Download". Then you can download it and share it.

Extra: Now, I did not like the way the border looked on the head, so I went on Google Drawings and edited it. I made the head cubic, by pasting it on to the original. If you choose round like me, and want the head to still be cubic, go onto this site,, create a head, then go to Google Drive and make a drawing with the original on it, and montage the head onto it, or if you have a hat. you can also add that, either by getting a image, or by inserting shapes.

I hope this teached you something, and be sure to stay tuned for future posts, and I will see you all later. BBYYYYYEEE!!! 


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