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Horseback Riding with Friends :)

Note: This post was delayed a few days, but now that it is out, I hope you enjoy! Sorry for not blogging in a while.

Above: All of us standing in front of an horse. We had to wear safety helmets!

A few days back, me and Young's friends went horseback riding. It was really fun! My horse was named Brandy. He was a good horse, which I am thankful for. Young's friends horse kept on eating grass! 

Anyways, it was a lot like riding a car, according to my dad, whose horse was named James.
In order to get the horse to start moving, you have to make clicking/kissing noises. You hold the rope part of the saddle and move it accordingly to change directions. To get it to stop, pull it backwards a bit. To go left and right, move the rope to the left for left, and right for right. If your horse starts eating grass, tug at the rope backwards. At first, it was a bit hard, but your hand got used to it, and the horse always obeyed. It's having a calm hand that's key!
(The following GIF does not belong to me.)

It was really fun doing this with my friends! This is one of my favorite places, along with that wavy beach I was talking about in another post. To see that, click here.

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