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My New Favicon + How to make Custom Favicon + How to Fix Updating Bug

What is a favicon?

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A favicon is the icon that appears on the tab bar.
For example, here is Google's favicon:

How do you make one on your Blogger blog? (Note the updating bug)

Note that there have been some bugs updating the favicon. This will also show you how to fix that. This only shows how to do this with Blogger.

Step 1: Go to your blog. (Make sure you are signed in.)
Step 2: Click on "Design".
Step 3: Look at the tabs at the left. Click on "Layout".
Step 4: Look at the top left corner of what has just popped up. You will see a rectangle that says "Favicon". Click on "Edit".
Step 5: A new Window will pop up. It will say:
Upload custom favicon
Select a favicon file. Please use a square image that's less than 100KB.
Following those design rules, Click on "Choose File" and choose your image.
Step 6: Click on "Save" and then "Save Arrangement".
Step 7: View blog.
If this doesn't work (the favicon doesn't appear) follow these steps:
Note: This is the least detailed description of how to fix the bug. If this doesn't work, go to Google and search: "Blogger Favicon Not Working". There are other how-tos on this online.
Step 1: Type in the following URL:
http://(Your Blog URL)/favicon.ico
It usually shows your old blog favicon.
Step 2: Now use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+f5. (Be sure to do all of the keys at the same time) It should refresh the page, and hopefully show your new favicon.
Step 3: View Blog
If this doesn't work, follow the note up top.
I hope no one is confused by all of this. Just typing it made me dizzy.
Be sure to stay tuned for more posts, subscribe, like, and I will see you soon.