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I have reached 1000 views! + A Current History of Arca's Blog + Blog Upgrade + My YouTube Channel

Guess what? I have reached 1000 views! I can't believe it! Everyone has been a great help, and be sure to keep viewing my blog so you can help me reach the next landmark: 5000 views.

A History of Arca's Blog
When I was in Kindergarten, I wanted to have my own website. So my dad got me started on Microsoft's blog program. I later became bored from it, and decided not to do it.

When I was in the third grade, I decided to create my own blog. So my dad got me started on Squidoo (Now a part of  HubPages) and he decided to call it This and That, Here and There. It had only 30 views It's address was Note: That is not a working link anymore. 

That Summer, I found out that HubPages had invaded Squidoo's homepage and was buying it. So all Squidoo blogs were automatically deleted and started on HubPages.

I was still upset about it when I started 4th grade. Since I was really upset about it, my dad got me started on Blogger under the name "Arca's Blog". At first, I had 60 views. But then it kept on increasing, and increasing. That's when I got 150. I kept giving the address away, and advertising it. Soon, I was at 300 views.

That's when I started blogging more frequently. Every week, I would write at least two posts. I went to my blog's setting, and added a toolbar to the side, which includes messages, a search bar, a scoreboard for all my views, and much more useful tools and links.

Later, my my views doubled. By winter break, I was at 600 views. I started writing about more popular subjects, like Minecraft. Sometimes, when I tried to change the graphics, it wouldn't work. I created some new blogs, such as the Origami Ackbar Family Blog and the Billy Bob Blog. I made some holiday-themed origami models to add to the script I was posting on the Origami Ackbar Blog. I later started the Digital Photo Dojo.

A few weeks after the break was over, I was at 800. I started spreading the news about the Billy Bob Blog.  Starting this month, February, I added some upgrades to my blog and changed the code to make it more cooler.

Now, I have made the leap from 950 to 1000. That's right. 1000 views! So as a gift, my dad ordered me a new drawing stylus for my iPad mini to make it easier to draw with.

Blog Upgrade
When I upgraded my blog,I changed the favicon, logo, and background. I also changed the code to get a Angry Bird cursor for my blog. But I later stopped when I accidentally added a "Back to Top" button that doesn't work. My blog doesn't show that anymore.

My YouTube Channel
I haven't added much to it yet, bit promise I will add much more in the future.

Here is one of my videos:

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