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MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! + Me Playing John Williams music on the Otamatone! (Happy Star Wars Day 2020!)

Today is one of the best days of the year, in my opinion. What started out as a joke several decades ago based on clever wordplay of the day May 4th and the iconic phrase "May the Force Be With You" is now still getting fans worldwide to come together to celebrate the galaxy far, far away! Regardless of what aspect of Star Wars you grew up with or love the most, today also has lots of ways to celebrate.

The first, and best way would be to watch the series finale(!) of The Clone Wars, which released today instead of on a Friday as usual. I haven't watched that yet, but will soon.

Another way would be to watch a brand new Disney+ docuseries about the making of The Mandalorian, which also had its first episode released today for while we tide for its Season 2 to be released this October.

Yet another, another way would be to rewatch (or maybe watch for the first time) Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, since it hit Disney+ today. Either to watch it and laugh at it for all of its flaws, to seethe in anger if you are truly on the Dark Side of the Force (nobody reading my blog, I'd hope), or just to enjoy it for what it is (always the best option when it comes to anything related to Star Wars).

Oh, an interesting thing that happened today was that Disney+'s entire homescreen got redecorated thematically. Literally all of the featured panels are Star Wars movies or shows, and each of these things features awesome concept art to go along with them as their cover now, made by artist legends like Ralph McQuarrie or others. There's also a dedicated May the Fourth section page, and here's what it looks like as a screenshot from my app:

There's also a chance, for 5 selected US citizens 18 years of age or older (I am a citizen, but not 18, unfortunately) to get paid $1000 to watch every Star Wars movie plus The Mandalorian within 4 days! Yes, you heard that right, and if that sounds like a good idea to you (I'd imagine it'd be tiring and also you have to constantly tweet about it and you have to have a decent following on social media already in order to be selected from the application), you can read more about it here: Actually, turns out the application already ended. So, I guess in a few days you'll get to watch some prominent Internet personality livestream them watching the movies (plus the one season of the first live-action Star Wars show thus far, for a total of over 30 hours) on Twitch.

What will I be doing to celebrate this day? Well, obviously I will watch that series finale, since that's of the highest priority. Then I might try to force my brother to agree to rewatch The Rise of Skywalker, or we might settle on Solo or A New Hope or something to spend the afternoon. I also might listen to some phenomenal musical masterpieces by John Williams (the composer of all 9 episodic Star Wars films plus some of Solo), and definitely want to play some more of the game Jedi: Fallen Order, which is actually very fun and nails that Star Wars feel.

I'll probably review that series finale by the end of this week, since the weekdays will likely be quite busy. Apparently it's only 23 minutes long, anyway. Oh, and also, I might watch the first episode of the Mandalorian documentary show, but we'll see. Until then, this is Arca signing out. May the Force be with you all, and since I likely won't be able to post again tomorrow, Happy (in-advance) Revenge of the Fifth!

I'll end this post with my favorite Yoda quote in all of Star Wars: "The greatest teacher, failure is."

Update: Guys, also be sure to check out my latest YouTube video that I made today, which was my covers of various John Williams pieces of Star Wars music with the world's weirdest instrument, the otamatone: