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First Day of 7th Grade

Here we go again... It's that time of year. Shall I say the dreaded word? sc-sc-sch-schoo... SCHOOL!!! (dun, dunn, dunnn!) Today was my first day of school for 7th grade.

My friend Xiang also made a blog post the first day of school for this year here:

Xiang offered a good set of tips for anybody new to middle school, so you may want to check his post regardless of whether you are starting middle school (6th grade) or are continuing it (like I am).

Today and tomorrow are the first two days of school where I live, and it will continue next Monday.  Unlike last year, I wasn't entering the building for the first time, so I was used to navigating it and the feel of it inside. Today wasn't anything exciting, really. Every single one of my classes was spent with the teacher introducing themselves and talking about fire drill procedures, class rules, cheesy "I want to get to know you and your hobbies" worksheets, and stuff like that. I didn't get any homework yet, of course. The first few days of school are kinda like a product demo. Similar to a demo, they have no risk guarantees, are simple, and are only a tiny portion of the actual thing. So don't expect the "demo" days to be the same as the rest of the days in the school year. You will have a lot more work to do, and higher expectations.

There's something funny that I noticed. I looked at the new 6th graders who are entering the school for the first time, and all of them are tiny compared to us. I don't remember being that short last year. Seriously, does every generation shrink more and more as time goes on? All jokes aside, the 6th graders look so much shorter than us and the 8th graders are so much taller. 

I guess this height thing is because 7th grade is in the middle of all three years of middle school. Your not starting middle school in 7th grade, and you're not ending it either. It's the middle of middle schoo. In 7th grade, I am literally in the middle of the middle

Conversation I Had With My math Teacher Today:

Teacher: It says on your worksheet that your favorite subject is writing. Do you still like math?

Me: It's not my favorite core class. It's in the top 4 list, though.

Teacher: But... Isn't there 5 core classes?

Me: In that case, it's in my top 5. 

That summer went by really quickly. I know I promised that I would post once a day during summer, and I achieved this 80% of the time, even though I took a recent week-long break. 

What does this all mean for the near future for my blog? I can explain it as a chain reaction: School continuing leads to more work. More work leads to less time. Less time leads to not being able to post as often. Not being able to post as often leads to less daily traffic for my blog. Less daily traffic means that I will probably gain views more slowly than I did during the summer. This is obviously a problem, considering that my initial goal was to make it to 100 thousand views before the end of summer vacation. I may have not achieved that, but I got pretty damn close. After all, I am now past 97 thousand views. Even though my daily view rate will theoretically be slower than usual, I can still expect to reach that goal before the end of the month.. My average amount of views for a month during the school year when I don't post that often is around 10,000 views. So I am pretty much guaranteed to reach this goal soon, with only 3,000 views left to do so. 

Once I reach 100K views, I will release upgrade 8.0, with a very important and major change to how you visit my blog. I recently did upgrade 7.5, which changed the template (you can read about TTHT Blog Upgrade 7.5 in one of my recent posts). Upgrade 8.0 will not only change the way my blog looks in general, but also something special having to do with the domain name (*hint hint, nudge nudge*). I can't wait to reach 100 thousand views!

In the meantime, expect me to post as often as I can, most likely once or twice a week (during the weekend/Friday). My next few posts will be more Switch game reviews, possibly some short stories, and also I will make new a YouTube video with my friends this weekend on The AABO Show.

Good luck to anybody who has recently started their school year. See you guys in my next post! BBBYYYYYYYEEEE!!!!!


  1. jesus i haven't seen this in a while

    and with the 6th graders looking like midgets, i was a little taller or about the same height as them

    i am the midget


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