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Gravity Falls Season 2: Episode 12- Author FAKE IMAGE MADE BY ME+ How to Do It Step-By-Step

Many have "leaked" fake images of Gravity Falls theories. The one above is my concept of what Season 2 Episode 12 may look like. How do I make images like these? No Photoshop needed.

1. What do you want your photo to look like? Start with a real image, called a "base photo".
This was my base photo for the image I made.

2. Go to your Google Drive. Create a new document. Click on insert, then drawing. Something like this should pop up.

3. Insert your base photo.

4. From there, insert any images on top of this to render it. Make sure they have transparent backgrounds. In order to get these, go to Google Search, search what you want in images, go to search tools, and select "clip art".

5. "Save and Close". The image you see now is called your "secondary photo".Create a new document. Insert a drawing, and insert a photo of a TV onto the drawing. This is the 
photo I used.

Insert your image. From there, choose the image effect "Lomo". Choose "apply".
Click "Save/Share". Name the file, then save. What it looks like now is your "victim photo".
This is my victim photo.

7. Go back to drawing with TV on it. Insert your victim photo.
From there, insert tilted text boxes, put some numbers, a date, etc... and you are set to go! The photo you have now is your final one!

8. Now you can do whatever you want with this, and potentially fool people if not impress them.