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348 views and counting! + First Survey


:) Wow. Recently my number of overall viewers has started to grow...
It's getting to 400 and counting! I can't wait to reach 1,000! 
Thanks to all of you for letting this happen. 

To set the mood, I decided to throw in this:       

Well I hope I can keep this up...

Also, a quick survey:
Do you think there should be an Angry Birds Minecraft? Why or why not?
Type in your answer in the comments below. You may use one of the choices below or make your own.

  • Yes  No
  • Yes No

(A) Yes, because_________...

(B) No, because_________...

(C) I'm not sure because________...

(D) I think there should be a  Angry Birds mod in Minecraft because__________________________________...

(E) etc...


  1. (A) Yes, because I like Angry Birds and I like Minecraft so two of them combined
    would be AWESOME!!!


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