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Summer 2018 Blog Schedule

This summer, I will post once every day, but with a very specific schedule. That means that on certain days of the week, the genre of posts I make will be different. On Wednesdays I'll post stories, on Thursdays game reviews, Saturdays will be dedicated to Star Wars, etc. If you would like to see the specific schedule, you can read each of the descriptions below.

Sundays: Talking about my life- 
To start out each and every week, I will discuss a bit about my personal doings that previous week, what I did, and what my plans are for my blog. This will be my place to just have a casual talk with my viewers, make a few announcements, and discuss what I am working on. This is also the day that my blog schedule for the specific week will be posted, so stay tuned until the end of each Sunday post to see it. Since I wasn't able to make a post yesterday, which was Sunday, due to my road trip in Maine, this post counts as today's official "Sunday post", even though it's technically a Monday right now.

Mondays: Movie/Book Reviews- 
Seeing as they proved to be quite popular when I made them last summer, I will continue my tradition of making weekly book reviews this time around as well. I read books quite often so this will be my time to talk about them, critique them, and discuss my thoughts on them. Every once in a while, Mondays may also have a movie review instead of a book review, but that won't happen quite as often.

Tuesdays: Nintendo News Roundup- 
I will talk about the recent happenings concerning Nintendo, the Switch, and sometimes even gaming as a whole on Tuesdays. This will talk about the happenings of the previous seven days (at the time of each post) only.

Wednesdays: Story Time-
 You probably know by now how much I love to write stories, so each Wednesday I will share all of you guys a new one on my blog. These will either be fictional stories or true stories that talk about what has happened to me before during my life. After the first story, which will be this Wednesday, I will invite my viewers to make story requests and vote for which one they would like to see next through Google Forms linked at the end of each story.

Thursdays: Game Reviews-
 I happen to have a lot of video games at my house that I would love to make reviews on. On Thursdays, I will give my thoughts on certain games, rate them, and discuss whether or not I enjoyed it and thought it was good.

Fridays: RANDOM- 
Of course, not everything in life has to be perfectly scheduled. Sometimes there is breaking news that I really want to talk about, or just posts that apply to none of these categories, or even ones that I wouldn't have time to share otherwise. When you look at my blog on a Friday, you will have no idea what to expect; It can be anything! Think of Fridays as a "free space" on the bingo board known as my blogging schedule.

Saturdays: Star Wars- 
I talk about anything that has to do with Star Wars, whether its news that I want to talk about having to do with the franchise, or just my random thoughts and theories. Sometimes there might even be Top 10 lists or rankings of characters, movies, etc.

Why did I choose to make a blog schedule?

Good question! Having a schedule for blogging is better for many reasons. One, it lets me do blogging in an organized way where I don't have to waste time thinking of ideas to write about. Two, it provides my viewers with variety every single day, so there is always content that is unique and different rather than several days of the same thing. And finally, it lets users choose what type of content they want to see. How? Well, think of it this way: Let's say that Bob (who I made up, by the way), really likes my book reviews. He only likes reading my book reviews and doesn't really care about anything else my blog offers. Well, with my brand new blogging schedule, Bob no longer has to keep checking my blog to see whether I made a book review. He just knows to look at my blog on Mondays, since then he will be guaranteed to find a book review. This can be applied to just about any other of the categories shown above. Don't care about Star Wars, but love Nintendo? No problem, just check out my blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is so much more flexible for a variety of viewers, and I am not isolating my audience just because I happen to have too many different interests (I admit it, its the truth lol).