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Yep, Trump won. But Hillary Clinton had more votes.

We all know that Trump won. And that will remain as a solid fact. However, he didn;t have as many votes as Hillary Clinton, which was discovered after most of the votes were counted.
Here's what you get after a quick Google search of "who won the election"
According to the chart below, it shows that Clinton literally had 200,000 more votes than Trump, and that's pretty close. However, that only makes her the popular vote, NOT the president. That was up to the electoral authorities. 

Does this mean that Trump isn't the president anymore? No. Is this a reason for Democrats to celebrate? No. But it certainly is something of note.

For more info on how in the world this happened:

2016 US election results
Updated Nov 9, 2016 2:06 PM EST

Donald Trump won the presidency
31 electoral votes still available