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U.S. Presidential Election 2016: Voting Day!

Today is the day we have been waiting for the past year! It is Election Day, when all adult U.S. citizens can cast a vote to as whom they want to be president of the country. They also cast their opinions on certain issues, and whether certain laws should be made. The first results so far will be given tonight near 6 or 7 PM. We won't get the REAL and final results until either tomorrow or a few days later.

Today's Google logo shows all of the letters of the Google logo minding their own business, until they remember that they need to vote, and rush quickly to a voting booth. When clicked on, the logo takes you to a tool where you can enter your location and find a place to vote nearby. 

As all you obviously all know by now, the two candidates this year are Hillary Clinton (a Democrat), and Donald Trump (a Republican). I figured that since Google changed their logo for the occasion, I may as well do the same for the TTHT logo. So when you go onto my blog today and tomorrow, you will see a special variation of the This and That, Here and There logo. Here it is:

I know that many of my blog viewers are kids like me who do not have the ability to vote. However, there is something close to it that you can do! On the top of my blog, I put a poll for whom you want to be elected. It is a poll just for fun, and it is open to all ages, citizen or non-citizen! (That's right, any of my relatives or friends in Turkey can vote on it!) Voting on this poll will expire first thing tomorrow, so hurry up and get your votes in! Tomorrow, when we find out who the actual president is, I will compare it to the results of my poll to see if it is the same or different. Enjoy :)

Tomorrow, expect a post on the final results of the actual election, as well as my blog election. See you next time! BBBBBYYYYYYEEEEEE!!!!!